Audio Production

If you are an aspiring musician, you know that the first step in your career is to find a studio to record in! You’re going to need the right equipment, the right expertise, and the space necessary to make a recording you can be proud to show off.

3 Five Studios is the recording studio you need. We have the audio production equipment and space you need to record a truly killer track. With our state of the art mixing & mastering equipment, we can get you to sound as fresh as possible, allowing for easy, exciting, clear music. Our music recording equipment meets the industry standards that have produced countless hit records!

With 3 Five Studios, you get the results you want at the prices you need. Our professional recording studio allows us to give the personal attention to each client that you simply won't get at larger studios. At the same time, our sound production process cuts out many of the charges that inflate the costs you pay at the average recording studios in the Midway, GA, area. Contact 3 Five Studios in Midway, GA for all of your audio mastering and mixing needs.